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Following on from the resounding success of the inaugural Global Biocontrol Conference, Wisdom is proud to present the virtual Global Biocontrol Summit – 2nd edition, which will take place on 13 and 14 October 2021.

Food security, along with consumers becoming increasingly more conscious of the environment and the food they put into their bodies, is pushing companies and governments into supporting sustainable farming practices. The global agricultural biologicals market size is projected to grow at a CAGR of 13.6%, reaching a value of USD18.9 bn by 2025, with Europe, and North & South America making up the lion’s share.

While chemical agents have been the first choice for a long time, environmental, political, and societal factors are driving the industry towards the use of bioproducts in the growing of crops. These products have demonstrated a much lower impact on the environment and the health of the final consumers. Furthermore, they are a lot cheaper to manufacture than traditional chemical products. 

While the bioproduct market has been growing significantly over the past few years, there is still uncertainty from within the industry on how to get the products effectively to the market. Regulations, testing, registration, and scaling up production continue to prove a major challenge. Other barriers for the bioproducts industry are efficacy and applications.  


The virtual event will focus on the commercialisation and technological developments of bioproducts for sustainable agriculture. The Global Biocontrol Summit – 2nd edition will address these issues by delivering insightful presentations from leading experts in the biocontrol, biostimulant, and biofertilizer sectors from across Europe, and North & South America, with a focus on the crucial role of technology in sustainable agriculture. Additionally, there will be interactive panel discussions, practical sessions, excellent business networking opportunities, open discussions, and engaging Q&A that will allow attendees to walk away with invaluable insights and practical takeaways.

The Summit will bring together the producers of biocontrol, biostimulant, and biofertilizer products, and associations representing them, independent researchers and laboratories, registration and testing service providers, regulatory bodies, biotechnology specialists, consultants, market analysts, distributors of agrochemical products, growers, and academia.


  • Analysis of the European, and North & South American bioproduct markets with an international context
  • Building a successful regulatory framework for the commercialisation of bioproducts 
  • Innovation and new technologies impacting the bioproduct sector
  • Latest advancements in research and development 
  • Funding and investment opportunities for SMEs
  • Methodology, product evaluation and application 
  • Sustainability – crops, products, and environment 
  • Application of bioproducts by farmers 
  • The role of digital agriculture and precision farming in sustainable agriculture

The Global Biocontrol Summit – 2nd edition will be delivered through an advanced networking tool.


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The Global Biocontrol Summit – 2nd edition